Tips for Starting Your Fine-Arts Business

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Whether you went to school for fine arts or are self-taught, you likely want to take your skills and talents to the next level. The stereotype of the "starving" artist can make you believe it is impossible to make a living from your art. With the right mindset and knowledge of how to diversify your talents, you can cash in as a professional artist. Start Building Your Brand Brand recognition is critical, especially for an artist.

14 September 2016

Four Ways To Make Your Exterior Renovation Go More Smoothly

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Updating the exterior of your home can do wonders for your curb appeal, making you happy to arrive home from work each evening. However, the work involved, especially for DIY enthusiasts, can be daunting. Here are five things you can do to make your exterior renovations go as smoothly as possible.  1. Rent the proper construction safety equipment. You can't really install pavers without renting a tamper or new shingles without a nail gun -- these are equipment rentals that homeowners are willing to spend money on.

13 September 2016

5 Cool Copier Features You Never Knew You Needed

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The copy machine has been integral to the running of an office for decades and continues to be important to the modern office. In fact, Loyola University reports that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That's a lot of printing and copying. Today's copy machines are high-tech office assistants that can do a variety of jobs that you might not even considered that a copier could do.

9 September 2016

Understanding White Rust And How To Remove It From Your Steel Roof

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If you have recently had a steel roof installed on your business, then you may have decided to reduce costs by opting for an exposed seam corrugated roof instead of a standing seam variety with a coating. These types of roofs can last a long time, but you will need to look for signs of white rust. Keep reading to learn about the rust and how it can be removed.

2 September 2016

Stop Relying On Others To Transport Your Goods: Truck Rental Basics For Small Business Owners

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If you own a small business that relies on transportation companies to deliver your goods periodically, it can be nerve wracking wondering if the firm you hire will get your products to their destination on time and if the goods will survive the trip unscathed. One way to take out the worry out of this process is to rent a truck and deliver the products yourself or to have one of your employees do the driving.

30 August 2016

How To Jazz Up Fire Extinguisher Use And Safety Training For Full Engagement

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Whether you operate a small manufacturing business, manage an office full of dedicated staff or own a retail company, fire prevention and safety is an important part of employee training. For most companies, the training is mandatory. Under OSHA regulations, the training is required when the employee is first hired and then annually thereafter. As with many activities that occur on a routine basis, the annual education program can become boring for long-term employees, especially if you do the same old thing year after year.

24 August 2016

Craft Fair Tips: Make Your Custom Agate Stone Jewelry Stand Out From The Crowd

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Are you looking for new ways to draw attention to your custom agate jewelry and make it stand out from the crowd at craft fairs? Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to do just that: Hand-Cut Your Agate Instead of purchasing your agate that has already been cut or sliced, consider purchasing agate geodes that are at least the size of a baseball and cutting them by hand.

16 August 2016

5 Features Small Business Owners Should Look For When Renting Self-Storage Units

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According to the self-storage association, businesses account for about 30% of self-storage rentals. This is because self-storage offers flexible and affordable solutions that meet the needs of small businesses and new entrepreneurs. If you are a small business owner looking to rent a self-storage unit, there are a few special features that you should look for. The following features will provide you with a more pleasant storage experience.  The Ability to Utilize the Space as You Need

9 August 2016

Four Ways To Save Money On Funeral-Related Services

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Too many times death happens unexpectedly. This leaves family and friends scrambling to make unexpected arrangements in a short period of time, all while they are going through the grieving process. Unfortunately, this makes it very easy to overspend, or to spend money on goods or services that may not be needed or even wanted. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on the cost of funeral-related services. It will just require a little effort on your part.

9 August 2016

5 Factors To Decide Whether You Need Two Wall Units For A Two-Story Home

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When you are deciding whether to purchase a wall-mounted air conditioning unit or to install central air conditioning, one of your deciding factors may be whether you can cool your entire home with a single wall-mounted unit or whether you will need a unit for the upstairs and another for the downstairs. The following guide should give you a solid idea of whether a single unit will be sufficient to meet your cooling needs or whether you need to invest in two units.

5 August 2016