How Much Should You Anticipate To Pay For Dental Implant Surgery?

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In years past, losing a permanent tooth could prove to be a traumatic experience, as the tooth replacement options available were more utilitarian than visually pleasing. Decades ago, the two primary options available to you would be dentures or a dental bridge, both of which are conspicuous. Currently, though, there has been an increasing interest in dental implant surgery as more patients are understanding the array of advantages that this tooth replacement solution provides. In addition to seamlessly matching your natural dental formula, dental implants also work as your original teeth, so you will not have to contend with the gradual degradation of your jawbone from lack of root stimulation.

Nonetheless, these benefits come with one caveat, and that is dental implants have a premium price tag. But before this assume you cannot afford them, you should acquaint yourself with the various factors that would contribute to the final cost. Keep reading for a couple of the elements that would influence the amount of money you should expect to pay for dental implant surgery.

The position of the gap

You may be surprised to learn that where the gap is located in your mouth will have an impact on how much you pay for dental implant surgery, but it does. Usually, dental implants being performed on the upper jaw will be slightly higher priced than those being performed on the lower jaw because the dental surgeon will have to engage in a sinus lift before the procedure.

Sinus lifts are commonplace for upper jaw implants since this location usually has inadequate bone thickness and height. Moreover, if your sinuses are located extremely close together, a sinus lift will be vital before you can undergo dental implant surgery. Speak to your dentist about the position of the gap in your mouth so that you have a clear idea of whether it will affect your final costs.

Pre-surgical preparations

While some patients assume that the only preparation that needs to be done before dental impact surgery is getting the preoptic tooth made, the reality is that there could be multiple measures the dental surgeon has to take beforehand to make sure that your oral cavity is ready for this surgery. A common pre-surgical step that some patients have to undergo is bone grafting.

Bone grafting is usually essential if you have been living with the tooth gaps for several years, as your jawbone's density will be compromised. For the jawbone to support the dental implant, the surgeon will have to engage in bone grafting and this will contribute to your dental implant surety costs. Another form of pre-surgical preparation that you may have to undergo is extraction if the dead tooth is still lodged in your mouth.

For more information on dental implant surgery, contact a professional near you.


10 December 2021

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