Signs That You Should Call For Chimney Fireplace Repair

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With the cold weather season settling in across much of the country, homeowners are turning to wood stoves and fireplaces for heat and cozy nights in front of the fire. If you're new to having a chimney fireplace, you may not know how to spot the signs that yours is in need of attention. Here's a look at some of the key indications that you might want to call chimney repair services before your winter fire season begins.

Cracks Along The Fireplace Walls

When you look at your fireplace, does everything still look structurally sound? Can you see any cracks along the fireplace walls, such as in the bricks, mortar, or stone? If there are any signs of structural damage, even if it just seems like small cracks, you need to address that right away. Adding the heat of a fire to any kind of damage, no matter how minimal, may actually worsen the problem. Have a fireplace repair technician assess it and patch the damage if necessary so that you can be sure that your fireplace is safe.

White Residue

Any brick fireplace that has white chalky residue on the surface of the bricks needs the attention of a repair technician as well. If you see a white surface coating on the bricks of your fireplace, that's an indication that there is moisture in the bricks. The moisture draws minerals out to the surface of the brickwork, creating that white residue. Talk with a repair technician to address the moisture, dry things out, and restore your fireplace to its usable condition.

Sticking Damper

If you try to open or close the damper and it doesn't move freely, that can be problematic. You should be able to adjust that damper with ease to keep smoke out of your home. When it starts to stick, it needs to be serviced to eliminate the soot residue that's binding up the moving parts. This is best done by a fireplace repair technician so that you don't risk causing inadvertent damage to the interior of the fireplace or the damper itself.

A fireplace can be a great addition to any living space, but it needs to be properly cared for and maintained. If you're not attentive to the signs of damage, you may find yourself with an unsafe fireplace and potential risks of injury. Talk with a fireplace repair technician right away to address any concerns you may have about your fireplace before the cold weather sets in.


3 November 2022

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