Own A Small Business? Hire Cybersecurity Solutions To Protect From Cyber Threats

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As a small business owner, one statistic you should be aware of is that 43% of all data breaches target small businesses. That is almost half of small businesses and your business could be included in that percentage. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by hiring a cybersecurity solutions company. Below are some steps they take to protect you. 

Install Security Software

Installing security software stops hackers and other intruders from gaining access to the information on your servers. Hackers are intelligent in many cases and can easily break into a server that is not protected in many ways. 

A cybersecurity solutions company will install security software. This will include an anti-virus to protect your system from a variety of viruses. A computer virus can wreak havoc deleting files and can even take down a network. The contractor will also install anti-spyware and anti-malware to keep these dangerous files off your computer. Hackers use this software to spy on you and record keystrokes. For example, it can record you entering the passwords to your banking information and more.

Install a Firewall

A firewall is like locking every door on your network with a secure lock to keep out hackers. Without a firewall installed, this is like inviting everyone into your network to do what they please. Some networks come with a firewall preinstalled which may work fine. There are firewalls, however, that work much better that the cyber solutions company will install. 

A firewall also monitors the traffic on your network. For example, if the firewall notices an increase in traffic, you will be notified. This increase could be warranted but, in many cases, this is a sign that hackers are getting into your network. The contractor will first learn what is normal for your network, so they know what to look for in traffic. 

Check Passwords

Passwords are an important part of cyber security. The contractor will check your passwords to see if they are secure enough. A hacker has equipment they use to determine what the current passwords are. The more difficult you make yours, the harder it is for the hacker to find the password.

Each password should be unique and contain capital letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. They should be as long as the software will allow. You should never use the same password for every login. Repeating passwords will make it much easier for a hacker if they do gain access to the system. To help with this, the cybersecurity protection solutions company can set up your system so it makes users change the password periodically. For example, you may set it up so the password has to be changed every 30 days. 

The cyber security solutions contractor can give you information on many more ways they can help your business.


8 September 2022

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