Seven Of Your Possessions That Could Be Damaged If You Don't Invest In Climate Control

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Climate control is essential for quite a few different items that you could be planning on putting in storage. Certain possessions could become damaged and lose their value if you attempt to store them in a unit without climate control.

The following are seven of your possessions that could be damaged if you don't invest in climate control. 

Your furniture

Many different types of furniture are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Antique furniture pieces are especially likely to be damaged by very high or low temperatures. Also, any furniture piece that is made from leather, wood, metal, or wicker components can be damaged without climate control. 

Your electronics

Electronics including cell phones, GPS devices, computers, televisions, and basically anything with a screen can experience damage due to cold weather. Very cold temperatures can also weaken any type of battery. 

Hot temperatures can also cause batteries to degrade. Hot temperatures can also damage the displays of electronic devices and any glue used in the design of electronic devices to hold parts together. 

Your photographs

A lot of people use storage units for their photograph collections. However, extremely cold or hot temperatures can make it so that photographs become brittle. Eventually, photographs can then crack and exhibit other damage. Their image quality can be compromised. 

Your collectibles

Perhaps you have a collection of stamps, comic books, coins, or artwork that you want to keep in your storage unit. These all tend to be delicate items that may become damaged due to prolonged exposure to temperature extremes.

Collectibles are often highly valuable and difficult to replace, so it's important to maintain their value by protecting them from temperature extremes

Your musical instruments

Musical instruments are sensitive to damage from temperature extremes. This is especially true when it comes to stringed instruments like violins or guitars. The strings of these instruments will almost definitely break at some point if they are not stored in a climate-controlled environment. 

Woodwind instruments are also sensitive to damage from humidity extremes. When they are in environments with especially high or low humidity, woodwind instruments are likely to experience damage such as cracking or drying out. This will detract from their value and performance. 

Your clothing

A lot of types of clothing can be damaged by temperature extremes. For example, leather or lace clothing can become warped in storage without climate control. 

Your food or beverages

You definitely don't want to be storing any type of food or beverage in a storage unit without any climate control. Even if certain food and drink items don't require refrigeration, they still shouldn't be exposed to temperature extremes if you want to maintain their quality. 

Contact a local climate-controlled storage facility to learn more.


18 February 2021

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