Advantages Of Buying A Maltese Puppy From A Qualified Breeder

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Deciding to buy a Maltese puppy is an exciting choice that will bring a new joy to your home. Maltese are well-known for being affectionate, gentle, and great family dogs. You might have some concerns, however, about where to make your purchase. A pet store might seem like a logical place to look, but a trustworthy breeder can actually offer several advantages that will create a better experience. Some of these benefits are outlined below.

1) Superior breed standard

Buying a puppy is a big investment, so it's important to know that the breed standard of your dog has been followed. This set of guidelines ensures that a purebred puppy meets specific standards for the particular type of dog. When you choose to purchase a Maltese puppy from a breeder, you can rest assured that the ideal qualities of the breed will be present, such as the white coat, easygoing temperament, and smaller size. To verify this information, be sure to ask the breeder to see the dam (mother) and sire (father) of your puppy. Being able to view the parents of the litter can help indicate what your puppy will look like in adulthood. A pet store wouldn't have this option available, so it's difficult to get a reliable idea about the genuine breed standard of a puppy purchased there.

2) Healthy socialization

Maltese puppy breeders take great care to socialize their litters during the first few months of life. In a pet store, puppies are typically kept in a confined space and are not given the proper opportunities to become comfortable with meaningful human interactions. On the other hand, Maltese breeders raise puppies in their own homes and in an environment that incorporates elements of what it's like to live with a family. Maltese breeders give their puppies attention and a loving household in order to facilitate an easier transition to your home once you make your purchase. For instance, your puppy may be less likely to react negatively to certain noises (like a loud vacuum) after joining your family, as the breeder will have already introduced those sounds.

3) Assistance from the breeder in the future

Many Maltese puppy breeders will keep in touch with you after you bring your new puppy home. If you have any trouble handling your puppy's behavior, the breeder can offer assistance and help you adjust. Since they are familiar with your specific puppy and the Maltese breed as a whole, breeders are also able to give you guidance about several aspects of dog ownership, including training techniques, what foods are best, and how to properly care for your puppy.

When you are ready to choose your new puppy, be sure to do your due diligence to find a Maltese puppy breeder


24 November 2020

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