Turning Salesforce Management Tools Into Remote Sales Team Engagement Tools

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Sales organizations are reimagining the workplace as a flexible work arrangement evolving around the cloud instead of an office. Employees say they are more productive telecommuting, but does that necessarily mean they are more engaged? Since sales team engagement drives sales performance, remote salesforce management must rethink the company culture.

Beyond delivering cloud, CRM, and other services, digital sales tools must promote the factors that create employee engagement.

Flexible Work

More so than other occupations, sales employees have traditionally spent many of their work hours communicating remotely with the office. The option to work remotely is becoming a key retention tool. A survey of 6,600 knowledge workers found that more than half would be willing to change their jobs for work mobility, and 18 percent would accept a pay cut or demotion for this privilege. But it's not the only engagement tool.

Meaningful Work 

For all the surveys being conducted showing that most workers are happy working at home, other key factors that make employees engaged should not be ignored. Notably, intrinsic motivation—intrinsically motivated sales professionals are higher performers.

One way digital sales tools empower employees is by allowing them to focus on sales development. Salesforce management services integrate cloud and CRM solutions to provide full contact and admin support. The sales professional can then focus on selling and building value for clients.

Self-development — Education and Training

Professional and personal development are other important ways to intrinsically motivate and empower employees. Sales managers no longer want to micromanage the now distributed salesforce. Instead, they are investing in developing employee management skills. It's no coincidence that enterprise sales platforms are busy signing partnerships with education and training companies post-confinement. 

Collaboration and Sharing 

Armed with management skills, the distributed sales team comes together over collaboration and sharing tools to perform functions of traditional salesforce management. They share performance issues, sales tactics, and new product education. They break down silos to loop multidisciplinary teams into customer sales calls. When sales team members begin to depend on each other to improve performance, a stronger corporate culture is formed. 

You may have different and better ideas about how to make your remote sales team great and engaged. The fact that the tech giants are the first to unleash their employees from their desks and let them work at home underscores how important communication technology tools are to remote sales force management. But if these tools fail to support the key tenants of employee engagement, sales forces will have done nothing more than have set up digital cubicles. 

For more information, reach out to a company that offers salesforce management services.


8 June 2020

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