Silver Accents For Each Holiday Gathering That You Will Be Orchestrating

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Silver complements just about any color in the rainbow and will accent a new pantsuit, dress, or casual outfit that you will be wearing this holiday season. If you act the part of the hostess at each festive meal event that is held at your residence, invest in some silver bracelets that will add a glamorous touch and a hint of sophistication to the garments that you will be wearing during the social occasions.

Bangles Or Chains Or A Mixture Of Both

A few clunky bangles that intertwine while you are moving your arms or some delicate chains that are constructed of pure silver or an alloy that is plated with silver will each command a different type of appreciation from your guests. If you want to go for a trendy style that stands out, a bangle set that contains silver bracelets of various widths may do the trick.

For an alternative look that combines clunky jewelry with delicate pieces, purchase silver bangles and chains and wear one distinct style on each wrist. Many jewelry styles are constructed from one material, but you can also purchase bangles that contain encrusted rhinestones or sequins. A more complex jewelry style that corresponds to the colors in the outfit that you will wear will make it seem as if the jewelry was customized solely for the clothing style that you will be donning.

A Box And A Cleaner To Preserve The New Additions

After purchasing new jewelry, try on each outfit that you will be wearing during a social gathering so that you can decide which pieces of jewelry will work best with each one. If the bracelets seem to overpower your arms and you would like to add another element to your appearance, in hopes of drawing attention to your neckline or ears, purchase a silver choker, a necklace, or a pair of earrings.

Invest in a jewelry box if you do not own one that is large enough to store the new items. Use jewelry cleaner to treat the silver, whenever it has a dull appearance. Avoid wearing the jewelry when you plan on doing manual labor that could cause the jewelry to become scratched. On the day of each dinner party, prepare the meal in entirety and set the table. Before your guests arrive, change into your dinner party clothes and put on the silver bangles, chains, and other accessories.

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12 May 2020

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