Mailing Shipping Tubes: Why They're Best For Your Photography Business

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Being a photographer means you send various forms of finished works to your clients. Whether you are delivering memory cards or thumb drives with photos on stored on them to your clients or you deliver actual photographs to your customers — or you prefer to have your client pick up their orders in your office — there are many ways that choosing the right packaging options will work best for you.

Consider mailing shipping tubes to get your photographs safely in the hands of your customers. Here are three reasons why this type of packaging is best for you.

Contents remain undamaged

Mailing tubes are cardboard-based shipping containers with removable lids. These shipping tubes are durable and resistant to damage so the contents within don't get torn, creased, bent, or otherwise damaged. One of the best ways you can send photographs, especially ones that are larger, is to place them in mailing tubes gently rolled to prevent damage during transit.

Other contents you can send via shipping, such as business cards, memory cards, thumb drives, envelopes, and display information, can be placed in the bottom or the top of the mailing shipping tube to keep all the contents safe.

Mailing tubes are versatile

You can purchase mailing shipping tubes in a variety of sizes regarding width and length. This way, should you have a single digital media thumb drive to ship to a client, you don't have to send a larger box to get them their mail. Or, if you have a whole set of photographs to send your clients, you can choose a wider shipping tube for separating documents so they slide out easily and are organized once they are received by your clients.

Mailing tubes are noticeable

When mailing photographs and other items to your customers, your packaging has to be unique in design and appeal so your customers see your deliveries immediately. If you choose standard shipping options like mailing or bubble envelopes, then your clients may not see your deliveries right away. However, if you mail your products to customers via mailing shipping tubes, your clients will immediately spot this unique packaging and know that their photos have arrived.

Mailing shipping tubes can be discreetly placed by clients' doors if the tube is too long for a mailbox. Your clients will appreciate your thoughtful mailing approach to keep their treasured photos safe while in transit. Discuss mailing shipping tubes with your packaging specialist to help you choose the best mailing option for you.

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16 April 2020

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