3 Reasons Your Store Products Are Getting Damaged

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When you own a retail operation, product damage, also called shrink, can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Anytime something is damaged, you may find yourself out the money it cost to produce that item, which is why you should focus on making things better. In this article, check out three reasons your store products are getting damaged and what you can do to change your ways for the better. 

1. You Haven't Invested In Packaging Optimization

Packaging optimization businesses specialize in evaluating the current packaging you have and adjusting it to keep the product safer. With the right optimization, packages can be more resistant to damage during shipment or handling in-store, helping consumers to get what they came in for. Packaging optimization can also transform the shipping process since it can streamline how many packages can fit on a pallet or inside a truck. 

2. Your Employees Aren't Careful

Poor training can also result in damaged products, especially since some employees are naturally more careful than others. If your workers don't stock shelves properly or don't take the time to handle routine tasks carefully, products could be damaged as a result of their actions. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily resolve this issue by taking the time to train your employees. 

Train employees carefully when they start and make sure to answer any questions people have about how to load and unload boxes, how to handle products, and what to do when something is accidentally dropped and damaged. Try to keep track of who is damaging products and who keeps items safe, and think about holding additional training meetings for individuals who damage more products than others. 

3. Displays Aren't Built Properly

When a display is built correctly, it should stand strong against the rigors of everyday shopping. Consumers should have easy access to the items they are shopping for, and removing a single item from the display shouldn't pose a risk to the consumer or the rest of the items. However, if displays aren't being built properly, they could make it exceptionally easy to bring down the display, which could cause problems in the long run. 

Damaged products are never a good thing, which is why you should think carefully about investing in packaging optimization. With a little information about your products and a focus on your goals, making sense of things is crucial for keeping your items in great condition for sale.  


23 October 2019

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