Want To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Qualities To Prioritize For A Great Experience


After looking around all the storage space in your home such as the garage, attic, shed, and closets, you may realize that you are running out of room. This is a situation that you can resolve by finding another place to live that provides you with more storage space. But, when you do not want to move or get rid of items, you will find a reliable solution in renting a storage unit.

While you should pay attention to all the things that you want to put into storage, you should set aside time to analyze various qualities of storage facilities to make the smartest choice.


An important detail to look at is the location of storage companies because you may not want to travel far from your home to transport your belongings both ways. This means that you should prioritize facilities that are closest to your home, which will naturally minimize travel time.

While location should not be the only factor that you use to pick a place to rent a storage unit from, you will almost always appreciate the ability to grab items in short trips.


When you go on a tour around a storage facility, you should ask to see the inside of your potential storage unit or a similar one. This will give you detailed information regarding the height of the storage unit's interior. Bringing a tape measure is an excellent idea so that you can measure the height for multiple units, which will help you determine how much storage space is available.

While you can find multiple 5' x 5' units, the ceiling height can make a noticeable difference regarding total storage capacity. This makes it worth prioritizing the ones with tall ceilings.


If you are on a flexible schedule in which you can show up to a storage unit at any time, you may not mind picking a storage facility with limited hours. However, working a regular job and having other obligations that can prevent you from visiting a facility during normal business hours.

When you need flexibility from a storage company so that you can access your unit when you are available, you should not hesitate to demand a place with lengthy operating hours.

By going through these details when analyzing storage facilities in your area, you should be able to meet your storage needs while finding a place that satisfies or exceeds your expectations.'


2 June 2019

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