Three Ways To Use Your Garage As You Prepare To Move

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Your garage isn't just a place to keep your car, tools, and lawn equipment. The large empty space lends itself to many uses, and it can be a great help when you get ready to move. Use the following guide as inspiration for how you can use your garage to make moving easier.

Staging Ground For Boxes

Transitioning all your moving boxes to the garage in the days leading up to the move can make moving day easier. The truck needs only to back into the driveway for you to begin loading boxes. Because the boxes are in one central location, this can make loading the truck quick and easy. If you have a three-car garage, you can even consider placing your furniture inside. Keeping your personal items in the garage overnight should only be done if you have a good security system and sturdy locks.

Supply Command Station

Moving boxes, markers, tape, and packing peanuts can make your house feel cluttered and messy. Instead of keeping these items inside the home, consider creating a command station in the garage. Set up a card table or clear off some shelves to store all your smaller moving items. You can then neatly arrange everything so your supplies are easy to find. Large moving boxes can remain in a pile on a shelf or floor. Be sure to keep several pairs of scissors in this area to open packaging for moving supplies and to remove straps holding bundles of boxes together. You can add to this idea by adding a space in the garage for cleaning solutions and tools, so you can freshen up the house and make quick repairs as you pack.

Stuff Sorting Station

As you prepare to move, you'll likely find you have items you no longer want. You can use the garage as a sorting station for these unwanted items. Place large bins or boxes in the center of the garage, and label each one. There should be a bin for selling, donating, and junking. Bins for junking can be dumped into your garbage cans or dumpster, and items earmarked for donating can be sent to a local charity. Remember that some charities will pick up your donations for you, particularly if you have furniture you are willing to part with. The selling bin can remain in the garage, as it will become the inventory for your moving sale. Host the sale in your garage for one extra way to make this space work for you.

Speak with local movers for more help.


19 May 2019

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