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Moving can be stressful and require a lot of work for individuals who are in prime health and good physical shape. Add health challenges or old age to the equation, and moving can be really difficult. If you are facing a later-in-life move, here are a few tips to help you with the challenge.

#1 Give Yourself Lots of Time

If possible, give yourself lots of time to get ready for your move. It will take time to go through your home and make all of your moving arrangements. Don't stress yourself out with a short time frame. Give yourself at least two months to plan your move. That way, you can spread out the process of going through your old home and setting up your new home without adding any additional physical or emotional stress to the process.

#2 Identify the Most Important Items in Your Home

Next, identify the items that are most important in your home. Sit down and create a list of the items in your home that you value the most. Writing down and identify what you value the most will help you decide what you don't care about as much and are okay with getting rid of. This step is especially important if you are moving into a smaller space, and you need to do some significant downsizing in order to make everything fit.

#3 Get Creative With Saving Items for the Sake of Memories

It is common, as you age, to accumulate possessions and hold onto them because of the memories that they hold. As you go through your home, get creative about how you save and hold on to memories.

Instead of keeping all the items that have deep personal meanings to you, record a video where you show the item and share all the memories that the item invokes for you. With a video, you can pass on your memories, and not just your possessions, to your loved ones. This is a great way to let go of items while still holding onto the memories.

You may also want to invite your children or grandchildren over to share memories with as you go through your home. The act of sharing memories can make it easier to let go of items you don't really need, but are holding onto because of their sentimental value. Inviting your children and grandchildren to help you can also allow you to pass on items they are interested in while you can still share the memories.

#4 Get Help With the Actual Packing

When it comes to the actual packing of your home, don't put that burden on yourself. Your local moving company can not only move your items, they can pack them up as well. All you need to do is make sure that your items are in the right area of your home so that they are properly packed and labeled.

In fact, the moving company can unpack your items at your new home. This can help reduce the stress of moving. Once everything is put away, you can tweak things just how you like them. For more information, you can contact a company like Affordable Moving Company today.


8 December 2018

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