Your Name in Lights? 3 Colors to Avoid Using in Your Business' Showcase Lighting

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Your business is holding a showcase of its latest tools of the trade, made to both show off its technology and attract potential investors. As these tools of the trade will be in showcase boxes, it only makes sense for these showcase boxes to have their own lighting to accentuate the product better.

However, the colors you choose for that lighting can either help or hurt the overall presentation, and the last thing you or your company wants is for potential investors to be turned off by an ill-chosen lightbulb. So if you're wondering what three colors you should avoid using in your business' showcase lighting, then here's what you need to know.


There's a reason that yellow lightbulbs have been, by and large, swept away from common use; it's because yellow lights, used improperly, can cause a sort of dingy glow to the product or area they're supposed to be showing off, resulting in the focal point looking sort of shadowed and dirty rather than elegant or cutting-edge.

While soft yellow looks dirty, neon yellow can be even worse, searing your audience's vision as the brightest of the neon colors. Generally speaking, neon yellow should be left in the 80s with the rest of the neon palate, not sabotaging a business gala nearly four decades later.

Try instead: blue. Another primary color, but one much easier on the eyes.


Black lights may have been trendy at one point, but that point was before bowling alleys started using it as a way to distract young customers from bouncing off the walls. Considering you're catering to a much older (and hopefully much more refined) audience, it's a good idea to leave black light to kids' parties and police investigations.

Black lights also just don't do their job very well, as they don't provide enough light to really show off your products. You'd be better off using no light at all than casting shadows on your work.

Try instead: purple. Just as dark and mysterious, but without the edgy, trying-too-hard vibe.


The natural color of plants, spring, and life in general, green might seem to be the perfect choice if your business has a bent towards the eco-friendly — but that would be a mistake. While green itself looks natural, green light doesn't have the same connotations (quite the opposite, in fact).

Green light has the unfortunate habit of making anything that is lit by it look almost diseased; there's a reason that people say "you're looking green" if someone is about to throw up — it's because a green cast to something not naturally green makes the item in question look unnatural and sick.

Try instead: soft white. Bright and natural, but without looking sickly.

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3 March 2018

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