Three Easy Ways To Use Custom Stickers In Marketing Your Brand

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Ordering custom stickers with your business logo on them can be a great marketing move, but even better is if you know how to leverage your shiny new stickers to increase your customer base, improve customer loyalty, and encourage repeat sales. Whether you're a small, on-location shop or whether you operate an online store, it can be difficult to get brand recognition, but using fun stickers can help you stand out. Here are three ways to use custom stickers to further your marketing efforts.

1. Stick your logo on everything

An eye-catching logo can make a great custom sticker. This can then be placed on the tag of every item in your shop and even on the outside of boxes and other packaging as "decoration" (this is a sneaky marketing technique that basically markets your brand to postal workers and anyone else who sees the box). In addition, you can find places for your logo sticker such as:

  • On employees' name tags
  • On price or sale signs in your store
  • On the store sign outside your door
  • On promotional flyers you send out

2. Use it as a signature

Your custom logo sticker can also be a great way to end a thank-you note to a customer. If you run a small online shop, you should always include a thank-you note (preferably handwritten) with each order. You can use a logo sticker either next to or in place of your personal signature. Or stick it on the packing slip with or in place of your initials to show that you've double-checked the contents of the shipment. (A custom rubber stamp can also work for this purpose, although it may not be a perfect substitute because it's likely to be a bit less colorful.)

3. Give away free stickers

Stickers can also be used as a way to get your customers to market for you, effectively encouraging and leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations. You can give away free logo stickers or other fun branded stickers in sheets (especially with orders or purchases over a certain dollar amount) and allow people to take them home and do whatever they want with them. You have to be careful here, though, because if the sticker is just a logo, people may not feel like there's much they can do with it, so try for something else themed/branded but with added value. Of course, people may just take the stickers home and let their toddlers stick them all over the house, which is fun too. But a sheet of free stickers can really add value to your service or products, allowing people to remember your business as generous and having great customer service, and makes it easy for them to mention you to their friends. Bumper stickers can work wonders too.

These three techniques will help you get your brand name out there by distributing custom stickers to your customers and using them around the store and on promotional material. They'll help you keep your brand cohesive and improve customer loyalty as well as getting you more brand name exposure. Visit websites like to learn more.


23 March 2017

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