Four Ways To Make Your Exterior Renovation Go More Smoothly

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Updating the exterior of your home can do wonders for your curb appeal, making you happy to arrive home from work each evening. However, the work involved, especially for DIY enthusiasts, can be daunting. Here are five things you can do to make your exterior renovations go as smoothly as possible. 

1. Rent the proper construction safety equipment.

You can't really install pavers without renting a tamper or new shingles without a nail gun -- these are equipment rentals that homeowners are willing to spend money on. However, don't try to save a buck by foregoing the rental cost of safety equipment. Renting scaffolding should be high on your priority list, especially if you are completing tasks like painting or installing siding, roofing, putting in new windows, painting exterior trim, or hanging new gutters. Because falls encompass 33% of all construction fatalities, using scaffolding should never be optional for extensive exterior renovations. Don't trust yourself to complete a full paint job on a tall ladder. Remember the cost of injury will far outweigh the cost of extra equipment rental. 

Other safety measures to make the renovation process more smooth should consist of wearing eye and ear protection and practicing basic worksite safety, like not allowing personal listening devices for music that would prevent someone from hearing a shouted warning. You might also consider renting some harnesses and lines if you are going to be continually spending time on the roof. To find out what construction equipment you can rent to help you with your renovation project, contact a company like LAX Equipment Rental.

2. Have a method to take care of the trash.

Demolition is one of the easiest parts of renovating, but it is also time consuming and messy. Dealing with the mess can be a big challenge. Consider renting a commercial dumpster to take care of the old siding, bricks, shingles, and windows. If you can't get a dumpster permitted in your area, at least have a large trailer that can haul away debris on a regular basis. Be sure to factor in hauling and dump fees when deciding on your reno budget. 

As you move around the exterior of the home completing different projects, try to keep the waste separated into specific types. For example, it might cost more to dump old asphalt shingles, or there might be specialized facilities to collect oil-based paint cans left from painting your siding. Try to keep like waste types in separate piles or containers for easier and cheaper disposal later. 

3. Plan your landscaping before your start the project.

Landscaping is really the cherry on top when it comes to exterior curb appeal. Generally, when it comes to home exterior renovations, the work on the house comes first and the landscaping comes second. However, you will need to assess your goals before you start in order to avoid costly issues down the road because landscaping is all about timing. For example, you may need to remove a large tree before you can repair or pour a cement patio, or you might need to plant specific trees at a certain time of year in order for them to survive the winter, which will mean planting before continuing on with the rest of the renovation. You also will want to plant trees, shrubs, and haul rocks and mulch before planting any new sod or grass.

4. Test your product before committing.

Unlike interior renovations, exterior renovations are difficult to "back track". For example, if you choose the wrong paint color in your living room, it's not that expensive to fix it with another color. If you choose the wrong color for your siding, that is another story. Painting a whole home exterior is costly and time consuming. Choosing window shutters, fencing, paving stones, and other exterior items are all expensive commitments. Be sure to test each one before, allowing them to sit for a few days so you see everything in the different light and weather conditions. 


13 September 2016

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