5 Cool Copier Features You Never Knew You Needed

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The copy machine has been integral to the running of an office for decades and continues to be important to the modern office. In fact, Loyola University reports that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That's a lot of printing and copying. Today's copy machines are high-tech office assistants that can do a variety of jobs that you might not even considered that a copier could do. Here are five of them. 

Address Book with Billing Codes

Don't waste time looking up client information on your computer or in a traditional address book. Your copy machine can keep track of your clients' email addresses, fax numbers, and other useful information, so you can send your copies or faxes to the right people with the touch of a button. 

Some copiers can also be programmed with billing codes. That way when you are printing, faxing, or copying for a client, the cost automatically gets billed to the right company. This will save an employee hours of organizing.  


A Network Interface Card allows everyone in the office to connect to the copier through a wireless network. This means everybody in the office can easily print and fax documents using their own computers. 

Some copiers offer a feature that allows you to have your documents waiting for you when you want them. This can be very useful for offices working with confidential or sensitive information. Your clients' personal information will not be sitting by a copier where everyone can see it, waiting for an employee to pick it up. This feature keeps clients happy and may even help you avoid lawsuits. 


Do you need watermarks on your copies or printed pages to show that they are legitimate documents? You can buy a copier that will add a watermark to any piece of paper you choose that will make it more difficult for unauthorized people to make copies or use your documents. 

Staples and Stitching

Do you often put together agendas or notes for meetings, or do you hand out information so people can follow along with your presentation? Stapling several pieces of paper to give out to everyone in the office can be time consuming and tedious, especially when you need to focus your time on preparation for a presentation or other project. 

Copiers that staple come in very useful at those times. Set the machine to copy and then program how many pages to staple and how many packets to make. The copier will do this for you. 

When you want a more professional-looking proposal or something like a manual, you can use a copy machine that will actually stitch your pages together like a book. This is simple to do, but it makes a big impression on clients and other people who see the finished product. 

Hole Punch

Are you printing pages or making copies of something that will end up in a three-ring binder? You need a copy machine that will punch the holes for you. Your papers will come out of the machine with holes in exactly the right places for putting them into notebooks. 

Copy machines have come a long way since they first became the office's must-have machine. Now copiers can print, fax, and do all kinds of tasks like staple and keep your clients' billing information straight. When searching for a copy machine, ask yourself what you need it to do. Then ask what you'd love for it to do. With the right copier, you'll have more time to work because you'll be spending less time playing with paper. 


9 September 2016

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