Independent Pro-Wrestling Companies: 4 Ways to Use Banner Stands at Events


Pro wrestling is a great live event that draws crowds of all ages. The key to a successful event is about not just the wrestling inside of the ring but also the branding that you use to help showcase your wrestlers and performers. As you set up entrances and ringside areas, you can plan a number of different banners and signs to display. Professional banner stands can go a long way in creating a great visual experience. Once you purchase the initial stands, you can use them for multiple events and company promotions. Browse through four different uses for these banner stands and see how they can be used effectively throughout your company.

Wrestler Entrances

The key to grabbing the audience's attention is through the wrestler's entrance. Banner stands can be used to showcase your company branding and promote special wrestler entrances. For example, you can use printed banners to showcase a wrestler's name, logo, or symbol as they come out. For example, if you had a wrestler named the "Scorpion Kid," then banner displays could showcase a Scorpion symbol and graphics. These visuals will immediately draw the audience's attention and give them an idea of what to expect. If the match is for a special championship, then the banner stand could be used to showcase this. A banner could feature text that says "New England Television Championship" and feature an image of the title. This lets the audience know that the next match is special and important to the event.

Interview Backdrops

Many independent wrestling shows use videos and clips to help feature wrestler interviews and promotions online. The video quality can dramatically increase with the use of interview backdrops. Large banner stands can securely hold an interview backdrop that is used to record wrestler interviews and promos. The backdrop banner can be printed with a collage of your wrestling company logo and other designs. As you go from venue to venue, the backdrop can help add consistency and branding for your company.

Meet-and-Greet Areas

Wrestling fans often get the chance to meet their favorite performer before or after a wrestling event. During this time, lots of pictures are being taken and posted on social media. You can easily take advantage of this by using banner stands to promote your company. Banner stands can be set up behind professional wrestlers. The stands can showcase your company name and the event name so that it appears in multiple images. You can also use the banners to display your wrestling website. This allows people to see the URL and check out your website for any upcoming events and matches. These banners can be placed directly next to wrestlers or behind them. You also have the option of ordering an extra-wide banner stand that can go across all of the wrestlers sitting at the meet-and-greet area.

Sponsors and Future Events

Help make a little extra money for your wrestling promotion by using sponsors on your banners. Banner stands can be set up at the entrance of the venue where the event is being held. As people enter, they will see the sign, and it can become a great opportunity for sponsorship. Sponsors can purchase ads on the banner and choose how many events that it will be displayed at. The sponsored banners can also be placed near the back of seating areas and at meet-and-greet tables. These types of banners can also be used to showcase future events. For example, you could print a banner that features a future event and showcase wrestler photos all over the banner design. It can help drive ticket sales and spread word of mouth for the show.

Banner-stand companies can create stands for all different sized banners. Get estimates on both the banner stands and the printing to help budget your wrestling events.


7 September 2016

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