Four Ways To Save Money On Funeral-Related Services

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Too many times death happens unexpectedly. This leaves family and friends scrambling to make unexpected arrangements in a short period of time, all while they are going through the grieving process. Unfortunately, this makes it very easy to overspend, or to spend money on goods or services that may not be needed or even wanted. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on the cost of funeral-related services. It will just require a little effort on your part. 

Create A Budget

The average cost of a funeral is approximately $7,200, and this does not include the burial site or the repast after the service. By the time you add that in, with flowers, travel, potential lodging, special clothing, and other amenities, you could easily spend more than $10,000. 

It is easy to get caught up in the moment in an effort to create the perfect service. Just remember, the perfect service is not based on what you spend, but on how you choose to memorialize the person who died. A simple graveside service, or the spreading of their cremated ashes, can be just as perfect as a grand sendoff with all the bells and whistles. Create a budget, and then stay within your budget when making your arrangements. If it does not fit in your budget, find something else that does, and do not feel guilty about saying it is not in your budget. 

Shop Around

Funeral homes are a competitive business, and they are often competitively priced in order to be chosen to handle your services. This is the reason it is important to shop around to see what the different funeral homes in your area will charge for the type of service you choose to have. 

They may not be able to give you an exact price over the telephone, because this will later be determined by the exact goods and services you choose, but they are required by the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule to give you pricing information over the phone. Ask for a complete estimate and a general price list. If calling and asking about pricing is not something that you are comfortable doing, ask a friend or family member to do it for you. 

Know What Is Required Versus What Is Expected

There are many parts of the death process that many people assume are required because this is the way they are normally done. Looking for alternatives to some of these goods and services can literally save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars off the cost of your services.  

Embalming, or the process used to delay the decomposition of the body is a good example of this. Although, embalming may be needed if you are going to have a public viewing several days after the death, or you are going to have to ship the body by common carrier, it is usually not required by law. You can eliminate this process and save hundreds of dollars in costs by choosing cremation or a direct burial. 

Another example is the purchase of the casket, urn, or other disposal container for the body. Although it may be more convenient to purchase these through your local funeral home, you can purchase them online and save money. The funeral rule requires the funeral home to receive and use the casket or urn that you have purchased elsewhere, and they are not allowed to charge you to do so. 

Quit Worrying About The Wants Of Others Or What They Will Say

Too many times, people get guilt-tripped into spending money they do not have or do not want to spend, because they are worrying about the perception or opinions of others. Do not let this be you. Keep your focus on what would be important to the deceased, and what you and your immediate family needs for closure. 

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9 August 2016

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