5 Features Small Business Owners Should Look For When Renting Self-Storage Units

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According to the self-storage association, businesses account for about 30% of self-storage rentals. This is because self-storage offers flexible and affordable solutions that meet the needs of small businesses and new entrepreneurs. If you are a small business owner looking to rent a self-storage unit, there are a few special features that you should look for. The following features will provide you with a more pleasant storage experience. 

The Ability to Utilize the Space as You Need

Business owners utilize storage spaces for a variety of reasons. For example, some rent storage units simply to store documents and inventory. However, some business owners conduct packaging and shipping from the storage unit and some business owners even have a work space in the storage unit where they make and alter inventory items before shipping them. If you plan to use your storage space as a part-time workshop, it is important that you find a storage center that allows business activities on the premises. While some storage centers encourage clients to use their space for multiple purposes, others have a strict policy for storage only, which would mean you would have to collect your inventory and alter it at a different location. 

Climate Control to Protect Your Inventory

Whether or not you need climate control for your inventory depends on what type of inventory you have and how long you store your inventory before it ships out to customers. For example, if you are storing documents for a long period of time, you should invest in climate control to prevent your documents from fading, discoloring, or dissolving. Additionally, if your inventory includes electronic components, you should consider climate control. 

A Business Center In the Building 

Many storage centers are beginning to focus on business clients. These centers often offer some type of business center in the storage center. You may use a business center to print shipping labels or ship your items and sometimes there are even meeting rooms where you can meet with clients. As an additional perk, many centers offer small cafes where you can purchase drinks and snacks, which can be a good feature if you are working late at your storage unit.  

Units In a Variety of Sizes and Styles 

One of the reasons storage units are a good storage option for small businesses is that they offer a variety of storage solutions so your storage can grow with your business without costing as much as a long-term warehouse rental. You should look for a storage center that offers a variety of sizes of storage units so you can move up to the next size as your business grows or move down to a smaller unit if your company is going through a rough time. 

The ideal storage center for a business should not only have a variety of storage units, but have a few storage units in each size available at all times. Otherwise, the next larger unit may not be available when you need it.

Adequate Insurance Coverage for Your Inventory 

As a small business owner, it is important that you insure your inventory against theft or damage. If you already have inventory insurance, it may apply to items that you store in self-storage. However, many policies limit the amount of coverage for items that are stored in a third-party facility, so it is important to check with your insurance agent. If your inventory is not fully covered, you can usually opt for additional insurance directly through the storage center where you are renting a unit. 

As a small business owner, protecting and storing your inventory should be one of your main priorities. A safe and secure self-storage unit will often be a better solution than home storage.   


9 August 2016

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