5 Tips For Starting A Beauty Subscription Service

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The subscription box trend has led to an estimated $5 billion in revenue per year and is only expected to continue growing. While there are already many beauty subscription boxes on the market, there is still room for more since the demand is so high. If you can differentiate your product and create beauty boxes clients will love to receive and show off to their friends and social media followers, you have the potential to have a very successful business. Here are five tips for starting your very own beauty subscription box service:

Don't Skimp on Mailing Containers

When your product is a beauty box, the box it comes in is actually part of the product and the item that will give your customers their first impression. Choose high quality mailing containers that will arrive in good shape instead of trying to save money on lower quality containers. Instead of ordering plain brown mailing containers and slapping a sticker with your label on top, consider ordering customized mailing containers in your business colors and having your name and logo printed directly onto the container. Talk to different mailing suppliers, such as Chicago Mailing Tube Co., for more options and information. 

Try Custom Cardboard Tubes for Beauty Products

The containers inside the beauty box should also reflect your aesthetic and make your customers feel like they are receiving something truly special. Custom cardboard tubes actually make stylish, durable, and eco-friendly containers for lotions, face creams, and other beauty products. This is an especially appropriate choice if your beauty subscription boxes have a "green" or "organic" theme since cardboard tubes are recyclable and have a cool, rustic look.

Choose a Niche Angle

To help differentiate your product from all the other beauty subscription boxes out there, it helps to have a niche angle instead of just sending a hodgepodge of random products. Some possibilities include eco-friendly beauty boxes, a beauty box that contains only local products (though this will limit your customer base considerably, it may cut down on shipping costs and be a more manageable small business), a beauty box just for new moms, or a beauty box that varies based on which personality type or theme the customer self-selects.

The key is to offer something interesting that may not appeal to everyone but will still appeal to a large number of customers.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Don't wait until you have your first beauty boxes ready to ship before you establish a social media presence. Social media is a great way to build buzz and attract interested customers before you launch your product to help ensure a successful first month.

There's no need to overextend yourself with ten different profiles, however. Instead, create profiles on a couple of platforms you are comfortable with (Instagram is especially beneficial for beauty boxes, since it gives you a chance to visually show off your product) and begin interacting with other members. You can also set up a landing page for your beauty box through a site like Launchrock, which will allow interested people to sign up to be emailed when your beauty box goes live.

Offer a Referral Program

One way to organically drive new business and sell more subscriptions is to offer a referral program. For example, for every 5 new customers an existing customer refers to your subscription box, maybe they get one subscription box or a full-size beauty product for free. Referral programs tend to be effective because they basically lead to customers who are already happy with your product enthusiastically endorsing it to people who trust their opinion.  

By following these tips, your new beauty subscription service is sure to get off to a great start.


2 August 2016

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