Telecommuting: How Document Management Systems Can Help You Track Employees

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Running a business that mainly operates on computers does not require the typical office presence. In these cases, you may have the ability to hire workers that telecommute and complete their work from home. While this type of work may be convenient for many employees, it's important to track their tasks and make sure that the work is still properly getting done. One way of doing this is by hiring a company for document management services. These services can provide you with multiple ways to track employees and ensure that the company tasks are being completed. By breaking down these different tracking methods, you can have a better understanding of document management and how it can work for your company.

Access Logs

When setting up a document management system, one of the first things you will do is create company profiles for all of your workers. These profiles are one of the main tracking tools for the document management system. Once the profile is created, the software will automatically start to generate access logs. These logs are important for tracing the actions of any documents you have sent to telecommuting employees. For example, you may have sent out a memo or updated technical guidelines for employees. The digital access logs can showcase whether an employee has opened the document. This is a good indicator of whether employees are staying on task and completing their work like they're supposed to.

Document Sharing

In the past sharing documents between telecommuting employees was a hassle. Email attachments or hosted web files would need to get emailed and downloaded. Document management makes it easy to share files instantly and have them available for every employee. A secure document network is created for your company. Through this network, employees can access a document database and instantly view the files. The same sharing process also makes it easy to upload files to the database. Documents can be scanned or saved directly to the company profile. Through sharing details, you can see who sent the document and when it was originally uploaded. This allows you to easily track files and access them by time or date.

Document Changes & Group Projects

Telecommuting doesn't always have to be an independent job. Through proper document management, you can collaborate on projects and allow multiple users to make multiple changes to the same document. A log is always kept to help keep track of these changes and to help revert back to these changes as needed. For example, when a group project is being planned, you can see all of the workers who contributed to the project and exactly what they contributed. The change log can highlight specific sections and help you break down different documents that are created.

Document Annotations

Instead of editing the document directly, you and your employees have the ability to add annotations. The annotations are basically like digital forms of sticky notes that can help you track employee work and send messages. Digital annotations do not have to be just text messages. The annotations can be applied to documents in the form of video or images. For example, you can have employees check in for work by displaying a webcam or computer screenshot. This type of check-in system can help eliminate anyone from simply logging on their computer and just leaving it logged in. The annotations can also be used for you to assign tasks and specific functions on documents. For example, you may need edits made on a document so you set up a specific annotation. Once in place, you can track when the person read the annotation and when the edits were made.

By putting this system into place, you can help keep your employees honest and get the most value out of the money you are paying them. Contact document management companies for more details on implementing the software into your company.


1 August 2016

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