3 Ways To Save On Bottled Water When Going To A Remote Cabin

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Going to a remote cabin in the woods is rustic and fun, but staying there for any extended period of time poses certain challenges. One of the biggest challenges when staying in a cabin that's off the grid is getting potable drinking water. Bringing in bottled water is often the only option, but it can be expensive. If you're spending any amount of time at a remote cabin this summer, here are three ways to save on bottled water.

Fill Reusable Water Bottles Whenever Possible

Filling reusable water bottles is sometimes inconvenient, but it's often the cheapest option. Cafes sometimes don't mind filling a single water bottle, and you can always fill one up at a public drinking fountain. You may not want to go back and forth between your cabin and the nearest town each day, but you can fill up water bottles on the way to your cabin. Each one you fill is one less bottle you have to buy.

Fill a 5-Gallon Cooler at a Public Water Source

Towns, especially in areas where people have remote cabins, sometimes have a public spout where anyone can get drinking water. There may be a charge for the water, but, since it's a public service, the charge is often small. If the nearest town has such a spout, you might be able to fill a 5-gallon cooler for less than 5 gallons of bottled water would cost. A water cooler can't be toted on outings like individual bottles, but you can bring it to your cabin for use in the cabin.

Go Get Bottles Filled

If you don't have enough water bottles and coolers, you'll likely need to pay a private bottled water service. Most companies charge a fee for delivery -- especially when delivering to remote locations. You can save on a private bottled water service by skipping the delivery. Instead of having a company bring water to you, go to a retailer in town that offers an exchange program. You just have to drop off your empty bottle and you can pick up a full one. You'll have to pay for the water, but you won't have to pay the company to transport the water to your cabin.

If you don't know where you can exchange empty bottles for full ones, contact one of the bottled water companies, like Absolute Bottled Water Co, serving the area where your cabin is. A representative will be happy to point you to exchange locations.


28 July 2016

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