A Close Look At The Advantages Of Using Propane In Your Agricultural Business

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From using heat to dry grain in grain bins to keeping greenhouses at the adequate temperature to grow starting crops at the beginning of the growing season, as an agricultural business owner, heating will be an important topic. While you could always rely on oil, electricity, or natural gas for the heating applications that your business requires, propane is perhaps one of the more logical choices. However, a lot of agricultural business owners never give propane much consideration. There are a handful of reasons why choosing propane for the various heating processes in your agricultural business setting could be the best idea. 

Propane stays at a reliable and stable price throughout most of the heating season. 

One of the greatest advantages of propane gas is that its price is typically reliable. Propane is a byproduct of natural gas production and harvesting, so its availability is reliable by suppliers. Therefore, you may not see the price fluctuations with propane as you would with electricity. 

Bottled propane gives you control on what you spend on heating fuel. 

Propane is stored on large tanks on your property that are filled on an as-needed basis. Therefore, when you invest in propane to refill your storage tank, you will be paying for fuel that could potentially be used over several months. Instead of getting an unknown bill every month for electricity or natural gas usage, you will always know what you are going to spend up front. This can be incredibly helpful in a business setting where the sooner you know your expenses, the closer you can watch the rest of your spending to reap the best return. 

Propane is clean, even burning fuel that is ideal for agricultural applications. 

Many agricultural business owners rely on propane for one simple reason: It has the capability to provide clean, even heating. If propane is used to power the heaters in your grain bins, you will see less grain loss due to over drying or scorching because propane is less likely to burn at variant temperatures that fluctuate. Additionally, propane is a clean heating source, releasing no contaminants as it burns. 

All in all, propane is an excellent choice for heating applications in your agricultural business just the same as it is for other businesses as well. If you believe switching to propane is a good choice for you, get in touch with a propane supplier, such as Fieldings Oil & Propane Co Inc. 


24 May 2016

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