3 Ways To Use Bobcat Rentals To Build Your RC Track

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If you're looking to increase the success of your remote control hobby store, you might want to extend the time your patrons spend at your location with a purpose built track. A track for remote control, or RC, vehicles, gives your patrons a place to run their cars, trucks and buggies at their limits. If anything breaks on the RC vehicles, the drivers can head right over to your shop for parts and repairs. As a result, the track's mere existence will pay for its construction in no time flat. You can maximize profits by saving money on track construction by completing the build yourself. You will just need a compact Bobcat rental excavator and track loader to complete your track build. Here are the three main ways to use your rental equipment to construct a RC track.

Remove Vegetation

Since all but the most powerful RC vehicles have trouble running on grass, it is important to remove all vegetation from your track area, extending at least a few feet around the edges. The grass removal will make it possible to quickly move and shape the dirt to create jumps and other challenging track features.

You will need to use the mini excavator to dig just below the roots of the grass and plants in the area. By pulling the vegetation out by the roots, you reduce the chance of plants growing back over the surface of the completed track. As you clear the vegetation, make sure to shake out the excess soil for use during the jump construction phase.

Establish Drainage Features

Although many RC vehicles are waterproof, track drainage keeps the surface from turning into a small pond during heavy rainfall. You can even route the drainage in a way that allows for the creation of small mud pits without sacrificing grip on other areas of the track.

To create the drainage paths, use the compact excavator to dig out trenches running around the edge of the track. Locate the drainage trench entrance point at a high point in the track to quickly divert water from the surface. The drainage exit needs to sit at the lowest point of the track, routing down into an area equipped with a storm drain. Alternatively, it is possible to drain the rainwater into an area planted with heavy vegetation.

Create Track Foundation

With remote control vehicles traveling in excess of 60 miles per hour, it is important to create the smoothest track surface possible. Otherwise, the vehicles may flip and crash in a spectacular and distressing fashion. This is the point in the project where the compact track loader will shine.

You can use the track loader to push dirt from one end of the track to the other while leaving a path of smooth, compacted dirt behind. The track loader will allow you to create tight turns and fast straight-aways with ease. The dirt you accumulate with the front bucket on the track loader will work well for jump construction tasks.

Getting A Rental Today

The mini excavator and track loader make quick work of the above tasks with minimal effort on your part. You may even enjoy the fun of working with dirt to create a remote control vehicle track everyone will love. To keep rental costs within budget, take time to plan out your construction steps day by day.

Once you have a suitable plan in hand, give your equipment rental company a call to have the items delivered to your property or tagged for pickup. Make sure to allow extra time for testing of the drainage system and repeated track loader passes during the surface and jump construction. In most cases, however, you can simply extend the rental time, if needed, to keep the equipment at your location until the planned tasks are complete. 


3 September 2015

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