When To Hire A Move In Cleaning Service In Chicago

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In Chicago a move in cleaning service can save you time and frustration. When you move into a new home, you want everything to be clean before you move in. The last thing you want to deal with when your new home is filled with moving boxes are cobwebs and dust bunnies everywhere. It's difficult to intensely clean a new home after you've already moved your things in. But, who has time to clean? When you are moving, there's already so many things to take care of that you may not have enough time to clean your new home yourself before you move in. Thankfully, you can hire a move in cleaning service in Chicago. A move in cleaning service in Chicago, such as McMaid, for example, provides intensive cleaning services that includes wiping down and sanitizing all surfaces, including walls, baseboards and the interior of closets. Cabinets will be wiped down inside and out. Lighting fixtures will be removed and cleaned thoroughly. The tracks of windows and window wills will be cleaned. Tile and grout can be steamed clean, and carpeting can be deep cleaned. Basically, all the little nooks and crannies that are not typically cleaned regularly are cleaned properly by a move in cleaning service in Chicago. This type of service is also important for those who are moving into newly constructed homes. The amount of fine dust and debris that can accumulate during the construction of a new home can be a bit overwhelming. In fact, a move in cleaning service that specializes in cleaning newly constructed homes often use large industrial strength vacuums to remove the fine dust from cracks, crevices and corners. Homeowners who have had a room or two of their home renovated often find the same problem with fine dust. Dust and debris from the home renovation project can get into other areas of the home if the project area was not contained with heavy plastic film or the air ducts for the heating and air conditioning system were not closed. Landlords and property management firms often hire move in cleaning services to get their rental units ready to show to prospective tenants. A landlord or property management firm may contract with a move in cleaning service if they own a lot of properties or have a high turn over rate. Individual tenants can also hire the same type of cleaning service for when they are moving out of a rental property. That way, they have a better chance at getting back most, if not all, of their security deposit from the landlord. The landlord can then quickly find a new tenant without having to take the time to have the rental unit cleaned, so it benefits everyone. Banks and real estate agents who are in charge of foreclosure properties and properties that have been abandoned often find that they need to have intensive cleaning done after a period of time to remove dust and cobwebs, so the home is ready to be seen at any moment. Sometimes, this type of cleaning job also includes the cleaning out of gutters and the power-washing of siding to remove moss growth. A cleaning service that specializes in getting residential and commercial properties ready to be moved into can customize the services they provide for each of their clients. In most cases, the amount of cleaning that is necessary is intensive enough that it may take several days worth of scrubbing and sanitizing to get it all done correctly. If you are planning on moving in to a new home and are considering using this type of cleaning service, be sure to schedule the cleaning service at least several days ahead of your big moving day.


27 December 2013

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